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Wordfast Anywhere announces support for scanned PDFS

Dostal jsem e-mail z ProZ.com.

Hi All,

We are excited to announce a new release of Wordfast Anywhere which offers users the ability to upload scanned (dead) PDFs and convert them to RTF for translation. This is achieved using server-side OCR technology. To the best of our knowledge, WFA is now the only major professional TM tool offering support for scanned PDFs.

Wordfast Anywhere is the world's leading web-based translation memory tool. It is offered free to all translators. As always, all content that you upload remains completely confidential inside of your private, password-protected workspace. We invite you to try Wordfast Anywhere today at www.FreeTM.com.

Thank you to all Wordfast users. Your continued support and feedback has been invaluable in guiding our development efforts.


Kristyna Marrero
Director of Sales & Marketing
Wordfast LLC
Zkusil jsem PDF o velikosti 6 MB, o které jsem věděl, že obsahuje neuložitelný (nevyexportovatelný) text.

Soubor nebyl do WFA naimportován.

Proto jsem se podíval na podmínky používání WFA.

V souboru jsou limity pro velikost překládaného souboru, počet souborů, velikost vlastní TM a vlastního glosáře.

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