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Translation3000 Newsletter, July 2009 Iss ue

Translation3000时事通讯, 20097月大众价值

The most ancient letter — O.


1.                  In Chinese language hieroglyph, which means "difficulty, trouble" is represented by two women under the same roof.

2.                  在中文象形文字,意思是“困难,麻烦”是由两名女子在同一屋檐下。

3.                  Khmer alphabet contains 72 letters, and the alphabet of Bougainville island indigenes — only 11.

4.                  红色字母包含72个字母,字母的布干维尔岛光荣-只有11个。

5.                  There are 600 thousand words in English language.

6.                  有六十点〇 〇万话英语。

7.                  It was not until the Middle Ages that the letter W (originally a ligature of V and V) was added to the Latin alphabet, to represent sounds from the Germanic languages which did not exist in medieval Latin.

8.                  直到中世纪,该信宽(原为结扎的VV )被添加到拉丁字母,代表的声音从日耳曼语言中不存在的中世纪拉丁文。

9.                  American author Ernest Vincent Wright wrote a book "Gadsby", which, except for the introduction and a note at the end, did not use the letter E.

10.               美国作家欧内斯特文森特赖特写了一本书“ Gadsby ,其中,除引进和一份说明在会议结束时没有使用阁下的信

11.               There are no words in English language that could be rhymed with words "month", "orange", "silver" and "purple".

12.               没有词的英文,可押韵的字“月” “橙色” “银”和“紫色”

13.               Almost — the longest English word, in which all letters are written in alphabetic order.

14.               几乎-最长的英文单词,所有字母都写字母顺序。

15.               American president Benjamin Franklin collected more than 200 synonyms of the word "drunk", including such masterpieces as "cherry-merry", "nimptopsical" and "soaked".

16.               美国总统本杰明富兰克林收集的200多个同义词了“醉酒” ,包括诸如杰作如“樱桃风流” nimptopsical ”和“泡”

17.               Recently extinct Ubykh language, from Northwestern Caucasian group, had 84 consonant phonemes and only 1 vowel.

18.              最近灭绝Ubykh语言,从西北高加索组,有84个辅音音位,只有1元音。

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