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 01  Sleva na nákup licence Wordfastu

Hi All,


Seznam školitelů Wordfastu je uveden na webu a na další stránce.

Na webu je na něj odkaz v menu Support / Training.


Wordfast is proud to offer a vibrant training program that consists of both official training by Wordfast staff members, and a community-based registered training program which is facilitated by Wordfast. 
Wordfast trainers who are not clearly identified as Wordfast staff members are independent contractors.  Trainers are free to negotiate their own rate terms. Wordfast assumes no responsibility for training by independent contractors, and does receive compensation in any way.

However, Wordfast supports trainees by providing post-training pricing incentives for purchasing a Wordfast license.

Upon successful completion of one full day of registered training, trainees qualify for a 25% discount on a Wordfast license for their personal use.

Are your users in need of training?

Wordfast enthusiasts and experts who are up for the challenge can become registered Wordfast trainers. Experts may register to become trainers by submitting a trainer profile. Prior to applying to be a Wordfast registered trainer, please ensure your proficiency, as poor feedback from trainees will result in revocation of "registered trainer" status.

  Are you an expert that wishes to submit a profile to become a trainer?  

The details to be mutually agreed upon when arranging training sessions are:

Location: Where the training sessions should take place
Contents: Overview of what the trainees expect to learn
Fee: Should meet local legal requirements for paid services
Timing: Date, time, and duration
People: In case of group sessions: names/number of persons


      To sign up for a live training or to register as a trainer, please visit our training portal here (hosted on our low bandwidth site).      

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