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 01  Upozornění, že si chce někdo registrovat
doménu s mým jménem?

Dostal jsem email z Honkongu:
Dear Milan Condak,
Pls kindly forgive my negligence, since we deal with many domain name dispute cases in Czech.
Now we received a formal application, "Y-Distinguished International Holdings Ltd" are applying for the following domain names and Internet Keyword:
Domain names:
Internet Keyword: Condak
These domain names you have not registered, and we examine the material, we found they don't own "Condak". When we imput "Condak" for searching, we derected to your website. So we have the responsibility to inform you about this issue.
Domain name takes open registration, this is the international domain name registration principle, anyone has the right to register any domain names that haven't been registered yet, so their registration is legal. Some cases about the domain names grabbed by the others or the third party, and also frequently happens internationally. They register the domain for imitating you web. And invade some market of you or link to some illegal webs or sell to your competitors, even something worse.
As a domain name registrar, we have no right to dispute their application. I hope you pay your attention to these, that's why we inform you, we also won't want to see things happen like this. I don't know whether their registration of these domain names will affect your company?
Hope you can understand.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Have a nice day!
Best Regard,
Beau Zhang
Project Manager

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